Mercer County: Bail Bonds And More

Mercer County: Bail Bonds And More

While one may think of Legal assistance as only a thing needed during an emergency, such is not the case with how common accidents and DUIs are. Thus, the need for bail bond services likeĀ mercer county bail bonds becomes quite necessary since, unlike in films, not everyone has someone to get a lawyer for them and bail them out.

While being in contact with an attorney is quite ideal, if one does not know any attorney or cannot find one at hand, then bail bond services can help them in such a case.

What are bail bond services?

Bail bond services or a bail bondsman is the emergency legal representative of a person facing charges in cognizable offenses and may need bail but is not able to afford or get one. These services are usually categorized as legal assistance that acts as a surety and helps to acquire and give pledge money or property needed for the bail.

Since without bail, one would have to stay in jail till the Court date is announced, it is much better to get bail and get out than stay for the month or two the Court may take to announce a date and review the case.

Are bail and bail bonds the same?

Not quite. In bail, the contract asks for the compensation to be paid in cash by the accused while in the case of a bond, it acts as a contract with a third party that takes the legal obligation of the accused and their debt to pay the bail in future instead of the current period. This is mostly done so when one does not have enough to pay for bail but does not want to spend weeks in jail either.

And for those wondering, yes the bail money is returned to the bail bond agent or the ‘bailor’ once the case is over and the accused follows through with all the orders directed by the Court.


In the end, bail bond services are legal assistance that helps one get a bail bond as a surety when the accused is not able to afford or acquire bail.