Privacy of ( consists of the obligations and the rights of the business including the collection, disclosure and disposal of the information. Privacy is a part of the managing the risk and everyone look into the solution for this. We are happy to introduce to our privacy policy which may help to reduce your doubts.

Invention of the privacy policy

Invention of the privacy policy has led to a new way .This has been developed by an open forum conducted and by some of the debate undergone. This discussion that is related to that of the privacy policy, guidelines of retaining the data and the non public information has changed the information to a document. This resulted in developing a stronger policy that has given rise to a community value globally.

To get signed in to the account ( a valid email address, user name and date of birth is an important factor. Along with this optional information such as the interest and hobbies are collected. This optional information that is provided is made as public and this is made in such a way in order to improve the service experience by targeting on the advertisements.

We do not have any control on the cookies. There are chances of getting the information collected by ads and many kind of advertising services. If any kind of communication is send to ( we will respond to this so that we can improve our services to a better way. If the content of the page gets modified by you we collect all the information .We have also option in creating our own site with ( such cases the information will be made public. Since the third party service is also available in all those sites cookies are available for them also in order to collect non personal identifiable information.