How to choose the parquet

How to choose the parquet

Three fundamental factors come into play in the choice of wood:

The hardness of the wood essences affects the resistance and durability of the floor.

The type of wood used: here the choice is completely personal, the American maple oak are among the most used light woods; among the dark woods iroko, wenge, mahogany to name a few. Light woods are more suitable for small and not very bright rooms tile flooring in Owen Sound, ON.

The laying of the boards and the finishing: depending on the size, the parquet planks can be laid following different patterns and geometries. The most common designs include regular or irregular formwork, herringbone or Hungarian spine mosaic. The finishes can be glossy or matte through the use of natural oils or paints.

Wood effect floor: porcelain stoneware and parquet in comparison

Is a wood-effect floor in porcelain stoneware better than parquet ? How many times have I heard this question asked by customers in the design phase. Especially when choosing the materials for their home, new or to be restored.

Do you want to know the response? An exact answer does not exist! It depends, it is the most correct one. There are many factors to consider: first of all the habits that everyone has, the type of house, the style we want to give to our home, the budget and obviously your taste and, I add, also that of the designer (who perhaps has a weak for one and not for the other).

Often times it has happened to me more than one customer who initially wanted a parquet floor but, after careful consideration, due to the delicacy of the material and the not exactly economic cost, he made the choice fall on another decidedly more practical finish such as porcelain stoneware. wood effect .

Certainly choosing the surfaces you are going to use for the house is a very important task. These will be part of your daily life for a long time and therefore all the pros and cons must be analyzed in order to make a conscious choice.

The two materials used for floors and walls , which have long been in great discussion, are precisely these that I introduced to you: wood-effect tiles in stoneware or parquet . Read on and I’ll let you understand the differences between the two materials!