How and which area in kitchen to be renovated

How and which area in kitchen to be renovated

Renovate the kitchen: with new countertops are not quite as easy to replace when renovating in the kitchen as the layman might think. On the one hand, more and more manufacturers are offering worktops made of thermally deformable mineral materials such as Corian, which are individually tailored to the preferences of the kitchen user and seamlessly merge into the sink. This must therefore also be replaced during a renovation by local handyman in Tomball.

On the other hand, depending on the manufacturer and material, the worktop and kitchen body are not only plugged in or screwed together , but – for example in the case of natural stone – are also glued with silicone , which is why the base cabinets could be damaged when the worktop is detached. Therefore, contact a professional who can replace the countertop for you if you want to renovate your kitchen.

Renovate the kitchen: with new colors

Anyone who decides on new fronts in the kitchen often also chooses a completely new color. Maybe because the orange color of the kitchen was getting a bit too much after ten years or the beige too boring. Or the favorite colors of the favorite manufacturer are only now available. Either way: Colors not only characterize people, but also a kitchen space. Blue in the kitchen creates space, gray brings calm, red strengthens a kitchen space and emphasizes it, white appears reserved and can be designed with the right accompanying colors to be cozy and warm or puristic and cool. In order not to have to renovate the kitchen again soon, at least one calm accompanying color should be selected.

Renovate the kitchen: with new walls

A great opportunity and perhaps the most impressive change in a kitchen space is the tearing down or building up of walls. In any case, discuss your project with an expert in the kitchen studio, who will assist you with both the interior design and the structural planning. Many kitchen rooms are transformed from ugly duckling to beautiful swan, in which fixed room sizes and structures are broken and space is made. A stronger incidence of light, an open kitchen island or a cozy eat-in kitchen with a seating area will make your kitchen the heart of your home in no time at all.