Best Used Car Buying Secrets

Best Used Car Buying Secrets

When it comes to buying a used car, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best deal possible. So how do you know if you are? Well, there are several techniques that some used car buyers employ to get the most for their hard-earned dollars. Ensure you buy the best used cars in hermiston. Here is our list of the best used car-buying secrets out there!

1) Your trade-in value should never be based on its original price. It’s only worth what it’s worth to the dealership on the day it was offered for trade.

2) If this is your first car and you haven’t owned it long, give the dealership an idea of what you want to spend. If they can’t beat your price, look for another dealership.

3) Never give the dealership a down payment or negotiate with them; never surpass the asking price. It’s illegal to do so, according to federal law. This is because a dealer must disclose all terms of sale upfront.

Best Used Car Buying Secrets

4) No, you don’t have to buy extra protection plans (aka “gap insurance”) just because the dealer offers it. Many dealerships are taking advantage of people who do not understand the meaning of gap insurance. This is insurance that pays the difference between what your car is now worth and what you owe on your auto loan. However, if a substantial amount of money is left on your auto loan, this coverage is already included in your policy. Keep an eye out for these words on any form: “this policy does not cover…”

5) Stay away from buying cars from “no-haggle” dealerships. All salespeople work for commission, which inevitably leads to conflict. If you want a fair deal, ask them to quotes from more than one dealer.

6) Don’t ask for a rebate or special financing rates. This insults the dealership, and most will refuse you anyway. You can always negotiate a price lower than advertised at the time of purchase; however, do not feel obligated to do so.

7) Don’t feel embarrassed asking for a price adjustment (especially if you’ve already bought).