How to set up facebook page for your business

how to set up a business facebook page

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set up a community facebook page

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We have set up facebook business and community pages and have seen vast changes in google rankings in days. Milnthorpe online moved from p3 google to p1 google number 2 under milnthorpe and milnthorpe cumbria in a few days. We have many facebook business and community pages that we have set up.

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Hate facebook? Why should I do a facebook business page?

1 Its an extra string to your marketing bow, an extra bite of the apple, another chance for the search engines to find you from a normal search on google. You should start using social media and networking to help you maximise your search engine optimization success.

2 Social networking web sites allow you to reach more customers and build a stronger contact list than you may have realised. It is now possible to build your connections and grow your customer base. If your business has something that changes regulaly, stock, prices, offers - even if its the view from your holiday let set up correctly it will be searchable via facebook and will index on google.

You can lock the face book account so that people can't write rubbish on the wall.

You can optimise the business name and as it becomes popular it will move up the search on facebook.

We can set up and advise on the set up of facebook business and community pages.

Here are some tips:

The username that you choose should represent the name or nature of your business and web site that you are promoting. Try to be creative and choose a username that is going to appeal to people. On the right is the milnthorpe community page - the facebook page is milnthorpe cumbria.

All that you post is recorded and you want to make sure that you are always acting professionally.

Keep it relevant, when you are creating posts, tweets, updates etc, you want to make sure that you are sharing interesting information that is going to appeal to people and that can help you get more people to keep following your posts.

Anytime that someone comments on a post that you make using a social media or networking web site make sure that you reply to the comment or the post. Keep up a discussion and that will help keep people following your posts.

Ask questions, add in a contest or try out a survey to keep your fans interested in what you are posting and updating. Try to add interactive tools and features that will help keep it interesting and keep people on your pages.

Make sure that you are updating your profile and providing new posts or updates to your pages.

You should link together all of your social media and networking accounts so that when you make updates to one of them, it updates all of them. That helps to make sure that you are not missing any of the accounts.

When you have established accounts on the social networking web sites, you should link those profiles to your own web site. You can also place links on your web site that go to the networking web sites. You can subscribe to feeds and have the updates and posts that you create show up on each of the networking web sites and on your web site.

Try to keep finding new contacts on each of the social networking web sites and once you have created connections on one of them,  be sure to try to locate them on all of your other accounts.

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