What happens if you are found with a forged ID?

What happens if you are found with a forged ID?

If you are a college student under the legal drinking age, a false ID might not seem like a huge problem, or you could think it is a must-have for a good night out. College campuses are rife with alcohol. In fact, over two-thirds of college students have used a fake ID to purchase alcohol illegally in the past. Even though many children do it, being caught with a false ID carries more serious consequences than you may believe. Here is what it happen if you are detected with fake ids

You have been denied entry

The best-case scenario is being denied admittance to a pub or club with a fake ID. Depending on where you are attempting to enter or who the bouncer is, they may just refuse you access. However, you should never anticipate this to happen and should always plan for the worst-case situation.


It has been removed

If you try to enter a more rigorous establishment, they would most likely take your ID if they can detect it’s a forgery. This is irritating, especially if you paid hundreds of dollars for the ID, yet it is still the best case situation. Some establishments will go so far as to hand over your fake ids to the authorities. So, just because it is been taken away doesn’t mean you won’t face criminal charges.

The rules differ by jurisdiction, but if your ID is a forgery with a genuine photograph of you on it, you might face penalties ranging from a crime. This means you are likely to face a fine or perhaps jail time in jurisdictions that strictly enforce the use of forged papers.

You are directly caught by police

Assume you are in a bar when the cops arrive. You should never show your fake ID to authorities, but if you are found, the ramifications are considerably more severe. If an officer apprehends you, don’t expect them to let you go with simply a warning. You might be arrested, and the charges you face will differ based on where you live.