What Is The Relation Of Weed To Number 420, Check Out Here.

In today’s generation, it has become normal for teenagers and people to smoke drugs or weed to burst out their stress. It has maybe become so common because people nowadays, after working so hard all day, do not have the social energy to interact with them and enjoy their social life. To enjoy their social life nowadays, people smoke weed with their friends in social gatherings to feel euphoric and relaxed and not stressed about their work or anything else. This smoking of weed has now become legal in many states while in other states it is still illegal, but teenagers do it anyways. The importance of weed has impacted people so much that they even now celebrate national weed day on April 20th, also known as 420 day. 

Why “National weed day” is called 420 days? 

There are many theories, according to the weed smokers, that justify why “National weed day” is celebrated on April 20th and called 420 days. Many of these theories are man-made or are rumor, but among many, the two that seems more relevant are:

  • The first theory is that in the 1970s in California, a group of students used to meet after college or school at a common place to smoke weed. They used to meet there at a specific time of 4:20, indicating that it was weed-smoking time. Weed at that time was illegal, so 420 at that time used to be the code name for smoking weed.

420 friendly

  • The second theory is from an American writer H.P Lovecraft, who, in one of his books, “In the Walls of Eryx,” described that the main character would get high at the exact time of 4:20 after consuming a mirage plant. These theories are not proof of 420 days, but they can be.

These theories are not the actual proof of 420 days but they can be.

What happens on 420 days? 

As a celebration, all the weed smokers gather around in large crowds in places where weed is legalized, and in public, they smoke marijuana and other drugs. While in places where weed is not legalized, people still gather in large crowds showing legalization demonstrations that express their desire to legalize weed there.

The places where weed and drugs are legal are called 420-friendly places, which indicates that people there can smoke weed with other people can smoke weed, and other people wouldn’t have a problem with it. These places are restaurants, hotels, bars, stadiums, etc.,

If you want to hype your friend, celebrate 420 days with them and make them happy and high on national weed day.

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