A2A Search Optimizers can help you create and manage a really usefull and productive Twitter page for your business.

Most of us see Twitter as celebrity, pop bands, etc. And the word we don't see and we want to see is Business - So how do you leverage Twitter to your business advantage?

The answer is that it is to your advantage for your company to have a professional Twitter page and a clear understanding of how it works and how it could be used - if for no other reason than the benefits that Twitter could bring to your SEO.

Broadcast your news or events - the power of Twitter is sharing not selling.

Who You Are

What You are About

Why you are on Twitter

Be Personal and courteous

Be Transparant - it's about sharing - but its not automated.

Be Engaging - its not just about one way traffic - its about conversations - this will increase the traffic/follows

Building inbound takes planning, strategy

How to get some followers (network) - advertise your link on your website, invite via facebook, email out to your address book, send a tweet.

Look for people who look for similar subjects i.e via tweetsearch, twallow

You may even be retweeted !!!

Use small messages - use a link shortening site

Twitter away...But no spam...Its not about selling...

Follow and search what people are saying about your brand or the product, find recent trends etc.

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